Anyone. I do custom work for both companies and individuals.

For example:
A company that needs images to decorate spaces, flyers, posters, images for social networks, etc.
A person who wants to have a work edited, photomontages, image for tattoos, etc.

It usually depends on the type of work and its characteristics. However, when I send you the budget, I indicate the estimated time for completion and delivery of the work.

First I email the work image in low resolution and watermarked, for the client to approve the end result.
After validation and payment settlement, I submit the work in the final resolution. Only by email, or if requested, i will send by delivery companies.

Yes. Many people have photos that have been damaged because they are too old or has any other kind of damage. Through recovery techniques using Photoshop, I can restore / reconstruct what has been lost.

It is a specialized work that requires evaluation of the damage of photography.

Yes. I get a lot of messages from people who take inspiration from my work to get tattoos, some of which even ask me to create a custom tattoo design. See some examples.

Yes. From a simple logo or symbol to Corporate Image.

Prices and payment terms are given according to budget. Payments can be made by bank transfer or Paypal.

Directly via email: brunosousa@brunosousa.pt or through this form.