About me

I was born in 1978 in Porto, Portugal, I lived my childhood in Penafiel and later in Matosinhos. I currently live in Lisbon, where I have been working for 16 years as Systems and Marketing Director at a professional education school in the area of health.
Parallel with my job, I do custom work on website programming, corporate image, image editing and photomanipulation.

Since my childhood I had a fondness for the arts and drawing, that was develop years later with access to the first computer. When I started with these digital works, I was essentially devoted to fan-art about my club at heart, FC Porto. I was posting, at the time mostly Wallpapers, in a support forum for FC Porto (Portal dos Dragões) and the extremely positive feedback always pushed me to do more.
In all my club work I always put a little of my experience as a fan, I try to convey the emotion I feel when I imagine the work and hope that the one that sees and appreciates it feels the same emotion. Working officially for FC Porto has always been my dream.

As a self-taught, and without any college or professional education, I always looked online for different solutions and I was perfecting my work and finding new ways to achieve what I wanted. Even today I discover new things in Photoshop.

Speaking of discoveries, in June 2008 I discovered a Photoshop challenge site, among others, and a new world opened up for me. I would compete with some of the best artists in the world in technique and creativity. In 2013, I reached number one in the world in advanced Photoshop on this site. Place I still hold. View Hall of Fame: Worth1000.com

I have developed, over the years, numerous works for companies and public figures, but also for ordinary people who want to have a "BrunoSousa" work to offer, to frame or simply to share on social media.
The most important thing to draw from my story will be, without a doubt, the constant challenge I put myself in, and with it I create the need to push myself beyond the limits I thought I had. The only limit is our imagination. I try to nurture my creativity daily, in everything that surrounds me, be it in everyday situation, a person or animal, a movie scene, etc. We have the power to create worlds without limits and it is very satisfying when we reach and transpose to a work, what we imagined. Personally, I love doing work with animals, maybe because I love fables and nature.

Having already received some awards and acknowledgments, nothing beats the feedback from the public who appreciates my work. These works only make sense this way, when I get feedback from those who see them, it is very gratifying and motivating to know that the effort is worth it, that we enrich someone with our art.

I dedicate to my family, and especially to my parents, all my success.

A warm welcome to everyone who visits me.